Free Courses

The Free Digital Marketing Course is for every individual out there who wants to develop a new skill or improve himself.

Advanced SEO Tutorial

SEO is the practice of increasing organic traffic on the Search Engine Results.

Digital Marketing Tutorial

Learn Digital Marketing from Basics to Advanced Level skills you need.

Google Ads Tutorial

Learn how to set up campaigns, optimize ad performance, and more.

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial

Generate leads, drive website traffic with brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads.

Twitter Ads Tutorial

Twitter Ads are the perfect complement to organic content strategy.

Facebook Ads Tutorials

Learn how to create and edit ads, set a budget for your ads in facebook.

Tag Manager Tutorial

Get step by step instructions on how to create tags, triggers, and variables.

WordPress SEO Tutorial

Discover tools and plugins for SEO optimization to your WordPress.

YouTube SEO Tutorial

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos  to get rank high in YouTube.

Instagram Ads Tutorial

Learn how to create an Instagram ad, run your own advertising campaign

Search Console Tutorial

Google Search Console has created to track the performance of your website.

Google Analytics Tutorial

Topics covered: installation, event tracking, conversions, reports.

Web Hosting Tutorial

This tutorial covers all the basics of web hosting & how to choose a web host.

Google My Business Tutorial

Google My Business is a free tool you can use to create a google My Business listing

Bing Ads Tutorial

Learn Bing Ads at your own pace. Start today and improve your skills.